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FALLING (1921-1924)
FALLING (1921-1924)

Cigarette Case, 1923
Helen's valentine gift to Lily.

Valentine’s Day Card & a note which reads,
“To my dear L, The last two years with you have meant the world to me. I love you. Your Botanist, 1923”

This note was folded up and hidden at the base of this card. This seems to mark the first usage of Helen’s pseudonym as “the Botanist” in her correspondence with Lily, perhaps fearful of their love being outed. One month after receiving this card, a panicked Lily accepted her suitor Arthur’s third marriage proposal.

Pipe, 1923
Lily gave Helen (The Botanist) a Valentine's Day gift of this pipe.

Lily and Helen (L), and Margaret, Lily and Helen (R), 1922
Lily, Helen and Margaret all met and played on the Loretto Mustangs basketball team.