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SEPARATION (1925-1945)
SEPARATION (1925-1945)

The Announcement of the Birth of Lily and Arthur’s Son, Gordon, and Photos of Arthur, Lily’s Husband, 1925 (bottom, left)
The Botanist stopped responding to Lily’s letters after receiving this announcement.

Painting, Ruth, signed “L”, 1931
Lily dabbled in painting, but who was Ruth? Perhaps a neighbour upon whom Lily may have had a crush.

Destroyed Photos of Lily and Arthur, 1925
The Botanist appears to have destroyed these photos of Lily and Arthur’s honeymoon that Lily sent her. Lily is wearing her ‘honeymoon’ hat.

The Botanist’s “Friends”, 1925-1945 (bottom, right)
A collection of photographs of the Botanist’s other lovers, whom she had while separated from Lily.